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Investment Attraction
The most effective ways to attract
the attention of real investors:

Listing on Exchanges
INXY.IO - The biggest assistant which helps to list tokens quickly on top exchanges. Our team offers a full range of consulting services for the choice of an exchange for your project and the support of token placement.
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Investor's Dashboard
Completed packaged solution that allows for quick setting up of investor's profile on the website and processing of incoming transactions while promptly emitting tokens.
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ICO from Scratch
Development of detailed timeline for all ICO stages.
We can comprehensively take care of your ICO's blockchain platform from its creation to implementation.
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ICO Legal
Our trusted network of legal attorneys advises on jurisdiction, token structure and other core considerations when launching and growing an ICO.
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Traffic for ICO
For ICO projects, it offers both operating separate traffic channels and providing the whole scope of Internet marketing procedures.
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Asian Markets Packages

Get Published in the TOP Worldwide Media
We can offer you publications in the TOP media and trackers. Learn more about our TOP Media Offer