Asian Markets Packages

China Marketing, Community Management and PR

▪ Localization of Client's project to Chinese professional Blockchain industry language
Guaranteed result: Translation of a Landing page, White Paper, One Pager, Pitch and 5 more articles.

▪ Testing of a project Landing page for videos, links, downloads, user cabinet; go through buy tokens procedure to get "China user experience" and avoid unavailable pages for P.R.C. IP addresses.
Guaranteed result: List of suggestions

▪ Providing Media plan for Private Sale, Pre-ICO, ICO time
Guaranteed result: One (Two or more) - month Media plan. Including: Articles posting, Community Growth plan, SMM Plan, Banners plan.

▪ Listing of the project to Chinese ICO listing services, as 52ICO etc.
Guaranteed result: 2 Most valuable listing services.

▪ Engagement with Blockchain media communities and popular Social media accounts in native Chinese language, including paid publications
Guaranteed result: Minimum total of 12 articles per month

▪ Translating, editing, composing and posting of press releases and media alerts;
Guaranteed result: No longer than 12 hours after request

▪ At the early stage of cooperation deeply discuss with the client team to make newsworthy topics for China, that best position the company in the appropriate media;
Guaranteed result: List of suggestions, made by group of China PR media experts

▪ Build up WeChat and QQ groups for a project. Fulfill its with potential investors.
Guaranteed result: Project community groups growth 200 or more people every week

▪ Maintain groups and channels in Chinese social media, as WeChat, QQ etc. Administration by local community manager specialist.
Guaranteed result: Full working day (Beijing time) communication with community

▪ Managing and communicating with Chinese community (Special CN channel or inside of main EN channel) in Telegram.
Guaranteed result: Full working day communication with community

▪ Broadcast advertisement messages about project through Blockchain community in other WeChat and QQ groups
Guaranteed result: 300 Blockchain professional groups or more

▪ Weekly providing "PR and marketing Report"
Guaranteed result: Weekly Report, List of suggestions, made by PR media expert and Client manager.

▪ Prepare, assist with theme choice, Q&A, translation and hold Live Online seminar for Chinese followers, Blockchain community and Experts.
Guaranteed result: One Live Online Seminar per month.

*The price of all publications, translations and community management is included

Korea Marketing, Community Management and PR

▪ Creation of corporate account of Project in Kakao Talk

▪ Building of community management in Kakao Talk and community support services 24/7 during 1 month

▪ Community growing, attracting of potential investors to the chat: up to 600 user per month and more


Japan Marketing, Community Management and PR

▪ Development of marketing communications package for pre-sale, pre-ICO and ICO stages (Japanese trackers/ratings, crypto and fintech medias, Line channels, twitter etc)

▪ One press-release writing and sending it to at least 200 crypto medias

▪ Creation of corporate account of Project in Twitter and Line

▪ Building of community management in Twitter and Line and community support services 24/7 during 1 month.

▪ Native check of Website and Whitepaper

▪ Translation of content for Japanese social medias

▪ Investors Meet-up arrangement (direct costs paid additionally)