Capital Introduction
& Escrow Services
Capital introduction services connect clients with potential investors and ensure that capital investments are securely managed
Capital Introduction can be divided into the three main areas:

  1. Independent sale of your own security tokens;
  2. Sale with the help of specialized broker-dealers directly to interested investors;
  3. Roadshow. Organizing one-on-one meetings with investors for project representatives.

These three areas can be carried out separately and in any combination among themselves.
    Up to $6,000

    Depending on which package of legal services you have chosen earlier
    From $12,000 +
    From 5% to 10%

    From $17K to $25K per month
    The price depends on the project

    From %5 to 10%
    If a broker/dealer facilitates the transaction

    21 days
    Identify the regulatory framework applicable to your project and complete required applications for applicable licenses.
    Analysis of framework and completed applications