Creating a Security Token
Choosing the best business model
for your project STO
Security tokens that will be offered to your investors should be backed by your company's assets. It may be like equities (common stock or preferred stock), debt securities (bond, certificates, options) or even a royalty.

You can offer both shares of your company and part of the profits, or even your product with a significant discount in the future.

When we choose what characteristics your security token will include, we prepare one of the Investment Agreement options for developers:

  • Stock Purchase Agreement
  • Nonstatutory Stock Option Agreement
  • Convertible Debt Agreement
  • Restricted Stock Agreement
  • SAFE
  • Royalty Agreement
  • etc.
Legal and technological support for the writing of a smart contract of your Security Token
We create smart-contracts (ERC20, EOS, Lumens, etc.) to outline the rights of investors and our security offering details. For instance, we will set the date of token emission, the rules of their circulation and conditions under which they are burned. We will automate the distribution of dividends, set the dates for company reports to Financial Regulators (SEC, FINMA, MAS, etc.) and Tax authorities.

The smart contract will contain the main rights and obligations of the investor and co-founders of the project, such as:
  • the right to vote
  • costs
  • lock-up period
  • right to assignment
  • payments
  • necessary due diligence
  • tax clearances
  • new share issuance
  • assignment in full of necessary intellectual property rights
  • appropriate insurance
  • insolvency and liquidity events
  • representations and warranties that certain statements are true
  • varying rights and privileges of classes of shares
  • issuing or granting options over the company's securities
  • board representation
  • restrictive covenants
  • exit events
  • confidentiality
21 days
To issue security tokens which will be offered to the investors
Smart contracts are issued and the Security tokens are ready for private placement in the United States and worldwide via Internet
Starting from