Private Meet-ups & Global Events

INXY.IO is happy to provide with additional service – International Events participation. By International Events, we mean both private investors meetups and global events from our partners.
About Private Meet-ups
Opportunity to be Listened
The opportunity not only meet but to be listened by good level potential crypto investors and fascinate them with your project;
Opportunity to Penetrate a Local Market
Opportunity to penetrate a local market and escape the trap to conduct business negotiations with wrong people;
Quality of Attendees
Main concentration on quality of attendees, rather than on quantity;
45-70 Potential Investors
45-70 good potential crypto investors, each of them is invited individually by our local partners who are having their own investors list;
One-on-one Meetings
INXY.IO assistance in one-on-one meetings with the investors who are interested in your project locally and globally;
Personal Relationships with Investors
During the coffee-breaks and after-event cocktails time there is the additional chance of networking and to present your project individually;
About Global Events
There are plenty of the international events regarding Blockchain, cryptocurrency and FinTech take place every month and even week, but only a few of them are worthy. We don't want our clients to spend their time and money on the events that are useless for them or just a show without real investors in.

Therefore, before suggesting any of them, we make additional research to understand if it is useful or not for fund raising or the right networking. We do our best to get the best price and conditions for our clients to participate there. Our Global Events partners:
Total Price for Private Meet-ups & Global Events Depends on personal Road Show Plan

Price for participation in the private event:
from 5000 USD and depends on the every event

Get The Personalized Offer
PR increases the image and trust of investors
If the investor sees that the project was mentioned in the main media, they have more confidence in the project. This significantly increases conversion. Trust is the most important point for the success ICO.

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