ICO Development
from Scratch

▪ Development of detailed timeline for pre-sale, pre-ICO and ICO stages;

▪ Benchmarking of ICO campaigns (completed, launched, and to-be-launched) within the same or related industries of Project. Analysis of success or failure factors;

▪ Development of token concept and economy (recommendations on how to use tokens in the system, how to distribute tokens, how to calculate discounts for investors of different types at different stages) for ICO;

▪ Development of investment teaser for Project (one-pager) in ENG language and guidelines for designers to prepare professional design of teaser;

▪ Development of White Paper for the Project in ENG language;

▪ Development of guidelines for designers for visualization of white paper;

▪ Access to private events/meetups organised by INXY.IO all over the world;

▪ Access to the wide range of well-known experts and advisors in blockchain industry;

▪ Validation of teaser and white paper with prospective investors and blockchain community;

▪ Development of content for investment deck of Project in ENG language;

▪ Development of road show plan for investors and blockchain community
(outlining specific events and budget for them);

▪ Development of Technical assignment for lawyers in order to build legal base for the project. Operational communication with lawyers picked by customer;

▪ Development of guidelines on how to choose and motivate Project advisors based on best practices.


For successful implementation of the project Consultant recommends Customer to assemble the following team in first two weeks:

Chief Executive Officer (Project management from customers side, investors negotiations, public speeches etc)

Chief Technical Officer (Product development coordination, implementation of blockchain technologies, participation in events for developers etc)

Chief Marketing Officer (Cooperation with Consultant and subcontractors in order to develop and improve project brandbook and all ICO marketing strategy and activity, including landing page, video, presentations, white paper, one pager, realisation of social media and marketing communication plan along with Consultant)

Project manager (operational project management from Customer's side, cooperation with Consultant 24/7, acceptance of intermediate and final results inside of team). This position could be combiner with one of previous in case of full load for the project.

Designer (in case if project doesn't have inhouse designer or proven subcontractors for this work, Consultant recommend to hire designer for the project full time)

Copywriter (media content creation, press releases, announcements, articles for crypto and fin-tech medias etc)

The price doesn't include:

▪ Registration fees and travel costs for road show events at all stages;

▪ Direct costs of design and marketing production, including websites or video production, should Client decide to outsource them;

▪ Direct costs of implementation of legal framework (registration fees, duties, etc.) (hereinafter the "Operational Costs of the Company").

Price: 75,000 USD
Success fee: 5%