ICO Legal

Extensive experience on advising clients on legal and regulatory issues arising from crypto-related matters.

Our recent experience includes:

▪ Advising a cryptocurrency and token exchange on:

- the structuring and regulatory implications of digitised trading of physical gold bars;

- the regulatory implications of assisting in the Initial Token Offering of a third party company that proposed to monetise personal data;

- the regulatory implications of allowing different types of coins and tokens (including new potential cryptocurrencies
and/or representative of unique concepts or underlying assets) to be traded on its platform;

- the trading functionality of the exchange itself and the manner in which payments move from the fiat currency world into the crypto-ecosystem; and

- the terms of business applicable to clients with access to the functionality offered by the exchange.

▪ Advising a property financier and investment house on a partnership with a cryptocurrency platform to raise funds via a real estate tokenisation offering.

▪ Advising a blockchain / ICO technology company on the structuring and establishment of a fund to provide investors with exposure to certain cryptocurrencies.

▪ Advising an FX and cryptocurrency exchange on the regulatory and commercial implications of raising funds via an ICO to support an innovative FX trading solution.

▪ Advising a fund manager on the options available to provide its clients with exposure to cryptocurrency assets.

▪ Advising a start-up on the structuring and establishment of a cryptocurrency exchange.