INXY.IO Privacy Policy
This document describes how INXY.IO processes your personal data obtained due to your use of our website and/or services.

We demand all our clients to be at least 18 years old. We do not deliberately search or gather any personal information or data about people who have not achieved this age.

We recommend to read Privacy Policy in full to guarantee the knowledge of your rights. If you have any questions about Privacy Policy or personal data collection, please contact us via any convenient means.

What data do we collect?

If you allow, we will collect and process the following types of the personal data:
  • your personal name and website;
  • your e-mail, skype and other contact information, web id's that are used in electronic means of communications;
  • information about our communication with you, such as requests to provide services, solving of administrative issues, full logs of our conversations with you, information about your e-mail account and to e-mails that have been sent to us;
Why do we process your data?
We process your data for the following purposes:
  • to follow the laws. We and you should abide by the Data Protection Regulations (i.e. all laws on data processing, including personal data, if they are still in effect and can be used to the information that is provided to us) and General Data Protection Regulations (Regulation EC 2016/679), including any other Regulations that is connected with the processing of the personal data. We guarantee you the integrity of personal data that you have disclosed to us according to this document.
  • to provide the security of any individual, to prevent fraud and other malicious activities;
  • to investigate and process any suspicious actions that may be performed by client;
  • to improve any part of our website, to conduct statistical analysis related to the use of our website or applications and programs that can be accessed via this website, to make statistical analysis, to conduct the polls that will help us understand user satisfaction which is needed to keep our clients and to perform needed marketing events. This may include e-mail, mass media and other means of communication. Such info is also needed for sales purposes, including the analysis of data and use of our services to make improved marketing proposals to make the satisfaction rate higher;
  • to make our website work better for you and to improve our products and services;
  • to contact you regarding our products and services, orders, statuses of orders and to answer your questions;
If you decide not to provide us with your information we may be unable to provide you with information, program products and services or give you support you may need.

The gathering of personal information from legislative point of view will depend on personal information and the situation they are gathered in.

Usually we take your personal information when we need to:
  • make contract with you
  • use it for our purposes if it goes along with your rights;
  • use it for our purposes if you have given consent to us to do so.
Sometimes we will be obliged to take your personal data if we need them to protect your important interest or interest of our person.

If we ask you about your personal data or would like to conclude contract with you, we will do this explicitly.

We will have the right to process and use your data if you do not ask us to stop processing it. This can be done by sending request to

We will not disclose your personal information unless it will be demanded by law or trial orders as well as any other legislation in order for our systems to be functioning properly, to protect us and our other users and clients and unless it will be needed according to any other lawful grounds. In this case we will immediately notify you about such circumstances before we process your data according to the applicable laws, if those laws do not forbid such notification.

Minifying of data

We will use any reasonable means to minify the volume of your personal data that we process to the needed level.

We will use all reasonable means to guarantee that your processed data is really needed to achieve goals that are specified by this Privacy Policy.

We can share the data about you with:
  • out partners and agents that take part in providing services to you;
  • anti-fraud agencies;
  • collectors and other organizations collecting debts;
  • security agencies, regulatory organisations, courts or other government institutes in the portion really needed by the law;
We do not disclose your personal data to the third parties with exception to the cases when it goes along with this Privacy policy or is needed by the law.

You agree to give us the right to use gathered personal information to achieve any goals stated in this Privacy Policy.

You can inform us that you want to stop your personal information processing for any of our aims by sending request to If you choose to do so, please mind that we may be unable to provide you with our services further on.

What methods do we use to collect personal data?
We use the following means to collect personal data:
  • our own website;
  • our conversations, including live chat logs, e-mails, regular mails and other chat sessions;
  • the process of providing our products and services to you.
  • the process of performing actions regarding commercial activity.
When do we save personal data?
We save personal data when:
  • we have a need to do this during our regular commercial activities (to provide you with offer, service or to provide your information to specific law, fiscal or accounting purposes
  • if we don't have need in your personal data, we delete it.
What rights do you have?
Regarding your personal data you have the following rights:
  • to delete or take back all personal data after finishing using our services to the extent that is allowed by the applicable law;
  • you can ask us to stop processing your data and do it at any time. It will not influence previous processing;
  • you can demand us to explain what data was processed and for what purposes;
  • if you find any inconsistencies in your personal data, you can change it yourself or ask us to do this for you. You will also have the right to provide any additional information that you may consider relevant;
  • in certain circumstances you can immediately contact us and ask to permanently delete your personal information if you don't want us to process it. This, however, may lead to inability of using our services until the permission will be granted again;
  • if you want to change your personal data that you cannot change yourself, please contact us at
  • you have the right not to take part in our marketing activities. Just press unsubscribe link in any of our e-mails. If you cannot find this link or it is not available, please contact us at;
  • if you are sure that the personal data is used without your consent you can let us know about that immediately and we will fix any arising issue. If we fail to do so, you have your lawful right to file a claim to the corresponding organization that is responsible for control of data protection;
Do we guarantee the security of received data?
We do guarantee the security of received data because:
  • we possess the needed technical and organizational means needed to protect your personal data from unlawful processing, from loss and destruction of your personal data;
  • we always search for the means of making our technical, physical and administrative means better in order to make your data even more secure. We use TLS certificates to encode the data. This is applicable to our web sites, where https is a must
  • all data is stored in private servers. Servers are located in private racks with several layers of protection;
  • all our personnel has a point in NDA and will not disclose any of your private information;
  • if the problem with data loss arises, we will duly notify you about it as soon as possible;
  • If you find that we have breached Privacy Policy in some kind, you are free to inform us about it in 24 hours time since the problem arised. You will be obliged then to provide us with any information that is needed for us to perform actions required to solve the situation.
You should also guarantee that the access to your personal information will be limited to those persons from your personnel, who really need it to use our services.

Privacy policy of children
We do not deliberately collect information about users below the age of 18, as they are forbidden to use our services. If it became known to you that a child has shared personal information with us, please immediately inform us about that at

If you have received the login and password from your personal cabinet and for the service, it is your responsibility to keep them in safe place. Any person that gets access to those credentials will be able to use service and your personal cabinet from your behalf.

Changes to Privacy Policy
We can change Privacy Policy at any time, so make sure you check this page regularly to monitor the changes.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at
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