Post-ICO Analysis

The Post-ICO Rating is designed to formulate and express ICORating's opinion on the reliability of all actions taken by the project team for the realization of the product announced during the ICO. The analysis is aimed on assessment of the project's performance after the ICO. In the course of the analysis, we adhere to the standards of the project information disclosure. If the company refuses to provide the requested information for some reason, it may do so, but this may negatively affect the final assessment.

When analyzing projects at the post-ICO stage, we pay attention to the following points:

Product development: The state of the product at any stage (prototype, code, etc.) and the progress during the period under consideration relative to the roadmap. Important releases of product and updates from the team.

▪ Secondary market: Token performance on the secondary market, analysis of historical liquidity and volatility of the token, traders' interest in the tokens, reaction of the token holders upon product releases, etc. Assessment of token performance vs competition (if any) and vs the market.

Finance: Post-ICO analytics and the ways of storing and managing money by the project team. Analysis of actual expenses incurred by types vs planned, analysis of revenue flows (if any) of the project (analysis of financial performance is possible if the necessary financial information is provided by the team).

Market dynamics: Analysis of market changes and the competitive environment of the project. Assessment of key milestones reached by the competitors and their potential effect on the token under consideration. Assessment of new entrants into the market (new ICOs in the same niche, etc).

Legal: Analysis of stated obligations, activities of legal bodies related to the project, reactions to changes in legislation, and availability of licenses, if necessary.

Other matters: We may draw attentions to other significant matters and issues which we
believe are important for the stakeholders of the project.

The interests of investors should be protected and relevant risks should be assessed both at the ICO stage and after the ICO when active product development is in place. Companies tend to make a lot of promises in order to attract the necessary amount of money in a limited timeframe and investors tend to believe such promises.

Disclosure of information on progress in product development, money spending, important news, state of the team and business operations is necessary in the current market, at least as a tool for self-regulation, risk mitigation, governance, and transparency.

Price: 19,500 USD