Qualification for Limited Offering Exemption
Consulting and strategy on structuring the offering
Filing of Disclosures with SEC
Preparation of documents
All filing-related documents, including:
  • Operating Agreement/Shareholders Agreement
  • Subscription Agreement
  • Investors Questionnaires
  • Blue Sky Notice filing
Private Placement Memorandum
A definitive narrative of the offering outlining the benefits and risks of a venture, which is a key document for accredited investors
Find Out Your Regulation Exemptions
This chart provides a summary of certain exemptions and related requirements contained in the Commission's rules and regulations; it is not a substitute for the rules and regulations.
14 - 21 days
Legally compliant capital raising via Private Placement for accredited investors, crowdfunding platform, or other available exemptions
Compliance filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission
Pricing of Qualification for Limited Offering Exemption
Depending on complexity of project
Prices for services are indicated on an a la carte basis. If you choose to order a package of multiple services, we are happy to offer a discount of up to 20%.
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