Structuring of Companies
Structuring of Companies that will
Participate in the STO
Assistment with
Jurisdiction Selection
When choosing a jurisdiction, we take into account more than 10 criteria such regulatory regime and quality, tax policy, data privacy laws, corporate law, and AML/KYC requirements
Custom Structure
for Your Project
This may include recommending formation of a holding company, token issuing company, and operating company, etc.
Corporate Formation Documents
for Your Company Structure
This includes articles of incorporation, shareholders agreement,
corporate minutes, etc.
Package of Documents
for Interaction Between Structural Enterprise
Each startup has unique requirements, such as license agreements, software development agreements, non-exclusive agreement,
corporate service agreement, etc.
Set Up a Cost Efficient Business Model
We advise on frameworks for handling issues with tax, VAT and customs authorities.

Minimizing taxes and expenses when raising capital via STO is an urgent and important task. It is an area where common mistakes can carry significant costs (up to 50% of raised funds) if you do not know the laws of jurisdictions where your companies are registered
Registration of Companies
in Selected Jurisdictions
We have contractual relations with registration agents in all jurisdictions suitable for registering your entity (entities). This allows you to minimize expenses for payment of registration fees and agency fees.
*registration fees and agency fees not included
Opening Accounts in Banks
in Crypto Friendly Jurisdictions
The key issue for structuring a business model for STO purposes is to open an account in a bank that will work with crypto companies.

Many banks do not deal with companies that are planning an STO campaign or are related to cryptocurrency transactions.

We cooperate with and open accounts only in those banks with which you will be comfortable to work with.
*bank fees not included
14 - 28 days
To minimize the risks associated with the capital raising for the STO and also to build a structure that will help to minimize taxes and other costs
The client receives a detailed action guide and a working structure from several enterprises to safely collect money for STO from investors from around the world
Pricing of Companies Structuring
Total Price
Prices for services are indicated on an a la carte basis. If you choose to order a package of multiple services, we are happy to offer a discount of up to 20%.
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