Traffic for ICO

For ICO projects, it offers both operating separate traffic channels and providing the whole scope of Internet marketing procedures, from building strategies to deep analytics of the current campaigns.

Development of marketing plan and consulting on the optimal budget for pre-sale, pre-ICO and ICO stages.

Our reward - 15% of the advertising budget

Targeted advertising in social networks

It allows to conduct campaigns with the fine-tuned targeting of the audience of your project in such social networks as FB, Linkedin, etc.

We can get around platform restrictions for advertising ICO's and we know places without such restrictions.

Case: public ICO
Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook — traffic channels
$ 350,000 — total investments into the traffic
$ 0.6 — аn average price for 1 click
$ 80,000,000 — total funds raised for the project

Contextual advertising

Like we said before, we can get around platform restrictions for advertising ICO's.

We also offer advertising placements in alternative search engines, sich as Bing, Ask, Duckduckgo, etc.

Case: a closed ICO tokensale
Bing — traffic channel
$ 112,222 — total investments into the traffic
$ 1.6 — an average price for 1 click
0.21 % — an average CR per request

Teaser campaigns

Teaser campaigns allow to have a broad reach and are suitable for coverage campaigns of open token sales with targeting at business platforms at a low click cost.

Case: public ICO
Adsnetto, Outbrain, etc. — traffic channels
$ 55,512 — total investments into the traffic
$ 0.11 — an average price for 1 click
0.03 % — an average CR
$ 1,200 — average request pledge

Display advertising

We are always able to offer our clients great terms for purchasing display (banner) advertising both on individual thematic platforms and through media networks.

Video advertising

Video advertising allows to show the benefits of your ICO compared to other projects quickly and vividly.

We offer several types of video advertisements:
▪ Contextual advertising, including YouTube.
▪ Targeted video advertising.
▪ Video advertisements in video networks.

We can decrease click cost at 10 times at high competition themes like ICO and cryptocurrency. Decreasing of cost doesn't decrease the conversion rate.

Browser Push Notifications

Web Push notifications are an effective promotional channel against the backdrop of the increasing restrictions for the tools of ICO promotion, allowing targeting and triggers.

Case: public ICO
Push Desktop — targeted to news and financial sites
63% — messages delivered
11% — conversion rate from a message


We offer e-mail marketing services, everything from managing trigger e-mailing to bulk emailing according to a client database or databases compiled specifically for the client.

Case: public ICO
Trigger e-mailing according to the client database
36% — open rate
6,4% — conversion rate

Publications and native

We cooperate with over 100 media organizations and subject-oriented platforms all over the world. All publications are written by professional journalists and are edited at top organizations.

We offer a number of services with media releases and package placements in media and subject-oriented platforms, including Telegram channels.

Google Analytics

We set up analytics to track incoming traffic and conversions. We also set up goals and track user behavior on the site.

With the help of the Google Analytics and the acquisition of each campaign by a personal UTM-label, the quality of
incoming traffic and the conversions received from it can be monitored. Analysis of the behavior and conversion of different audiences.

CPA Networks

Setting up banner ads in INXYADS, A-Ads and Coinzilla banner networks. These networks include all known news resources where the advertising banners of the project are displayed.