Platform for crypto processing with recurring features

Payment gateway

Accept cryptocurrency & get access to millions of new customers worldwide

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Payroll in crypto

Easily set up and automate mass payouts in any major cryptocurrency

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Accept donations

Set your supporters to donate recurrently with a single link for all cryptocurrencies!

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Pay & accept in

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Easy to use

Payment gateway

Accept recurring payments in crypto and make it easy for your customers.
INXY is the most convenient way to run subscriptions model
on a crypto-payments basis!

  1. Sign up at INXY Payments
  2. Fill in merchant profile
  3. Use API or custom paylink
  4. Receive one-time and recurring payments!


Embedded on- & -off ramp solution allows to easily convert crypto < > fiat and send it to your bank card, account or wallet.

New customers

Get access to millions of crypto users and boost conversion rate up to 35%


Save up to 80% on processing fees vs traditional PSPs


Achieve 100% global coverage

Start accepting crypto
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Payroll in crypto

You can make hundreds or even thousands of payments with one click. And you can do this globally!
Automate payrolls and regular payments to partners & affiliates in any major cryptocurrency.

  1. Sign up at INXY Payments
  2. Upload recipients list or use API
  3. Schedule regular payroll
  4. Done! You are ready!

Save time & eliminate errors

Making payments to partners one by one is a time-consuming job. No more copy-pasting wallet addresses.

Set up once and save up to 90% time!

Easy setup

No technical knowledge is needed! Upload an Excel file or use embeded API integrations with accounting platforms.

Payrolls are ready!

Save on gas fees

A simple, low-cost solution for small volume and frequent payments.

We are up to 10x cheaper than banks.

Fully compliant

Single platform to send all your payments in one click and download your payout history.

Data is fully compliant for audit.

Fiat < > crypto conversion

You can top-up in fiat, convert and payroll in crypto without leaving the platform.

While crypto can easily be converted back to fiat and withdrawn to bank accounts and cards.

Automate payroll

Accept donations

Your @username becomes a single link for all cryptocurrencies.
Good for one-time and recurrent donations.

  1. Sign up at INXY Payments
  2. Fill in your donate receiver details
  3. Get payment link
  4. Provide payment link to supporters and get donations!

One link to rule them all

Accept all supported cryptocurrencies with a single link. Configure the link to your needs with personal name, logo & description.

Instant withdraw

Withdraw money to your external crypto wallet anytime! Or convert to real-world money and send to your bank account.

Start receiving donations in crypto

Multilevel security system

Strong encryption standards

All secrets linked to your wallets are encrypted through a 256-bit AES cipher and 25,000 PBKDF2 hash rounds. Thus cracking a single Secret PIN will take over 1 million days on a modern computer!

Always-on infrastructure

Our infrastructure is designed to be redundant. This eliminates all single points of failure resulting in 99.999% system availability.

Two-factor authentication

Each vital step requires two-factor authentication adding another level of security so that no one but you can send or withdraw from your wallets.

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